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Developing as a 3D artist
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am classically trained as a mechanical draftsman and with various CAD and AutoCAD programs.

In the past, I have worked as a naval architect, an interior designer for ships. I also worked at a sheet metal shop, and have been a kitchen cabinet designer and installer.

Personal Projects

I am also working on several story-line projects;

My mom and various other family members stop by to see what I am doing, so you will not see anything perverse or risque' posted here.
Bad language whether allowed by dA or not is not permitted here. Foul language will be hidden and/or the poster will be banned.

Interests and Personality:
I enjoy various mediums of artistic expression and only recently taught myself to render with 3D modeling programs (chiefly SketchUp).

I like older things typically from about the 1800's to the 1920's which can be said why I like the steampunk genre so much.
My focus on creating such concepts has been on the "functional" more than just for the "novelty" of it.
As a product of the 60's era, I have always had a keen interest in ecology and our interacting with the environment.

I have an IQ of 143, but apparently a personality that is worth 5 cents, which is probably why I haven't accomplished any of my concept projects.
I am an INTJ personality type if that explains something more of myself... The rest is always developing over time.

I like helping people out, so I am not adverse to doing requests (better if it is commission work :XD: :nod: ). Please contact me by private message for further details in either regard.


Keyops Flier by Mann-of-LaMancha
Keyops Flier
I was sifting thru some old files and found this. At one time I was big into doing fanart, then one fellow sketchup artist accused me of stealing his work. He demanded that
I upload my SU file to SU's 3D warehouse (so he could prove it to himself that
I didn't "steal" his "copyrighted" work :rofl: ). all the while insisting that all I did to "his" model was add bolts. (since then I've taken down all fanart (with exception to some Dr Who stuff which the BBC has posted plans on making a tardis and daleks on their website.))

Part of me thinks he truly believes that if he steals (fanart) someone else's work (in this instance; the creator of the G-Force/Gatchaman series) then he is entitled to exclusivity.

IF I use anybody's model (and sometimes I do) then I post their name in accordance to 3D warehouse rules (before they were purchased by trimble) and do not sell anything using someone else's model (which is also in 3D's rules).

Personally, I don't trust 3D warehouse and always felt that if I ever uploaded to them, what he accused me of doing would happen to me.

This isn't mine, gatchaman/g-force doesn't belong to me. it's my 3D fanart developed from watching the series and various stills.
Foyer Hutch (prelminary) by Mann-of-LaMancha
Foyer Hutch (prelminary)
just doing some preliminary planning for one customer. They wanted a storage system that looked like a piece of furniture.

It's difficult to get the sun right sometimes so instead I gimbaled the component itself so the sun looks like an overhead light..
Hot Air Balloon and Mini-Dragonfly by Mann-of-LaMancha
Hot Air Balloon and Mini-Dragonfly
I started out trying to remodel my Sparrow design, but it started looking less and less like a "sparrow" so I changed it further and while there are some similarities to the Sparrows (canopy, forward swept wings, etc) I decided to make a "new line" or "sister line."

Features of the sister line are:
Electric power (E-PAULA-G)
Twin rudder


Digital Medium

modeled with:
SketchUp 7.1
Rendered with:
Gimp 2.8 (for textures, screen grab, integration of background aerial photo and enhancements)

Model time:
Mini-Dragonfly (60 hours)
Hot Air Balloon (3 hours)
Setting up the above scene: 1 hour

Textures are originals made with Gimp,
Background (open source) image courtesy of

"Sparrows", "ASC" (or USASC), Dragonfly/Mini-Dragonfly" and use of the name "Etana" to describe any of my airship's are all original creations by myself.

Mannequins used in place of people is a model by ArqDirk

2D man and 2D woman courtesy of 3Dwarehouse via artist "SketchUp"

Concept and design by :iconmann-of-lamancha:
Please do not use my artwork or it's concept without my permission.


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