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Developing as a 3D artist
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am classically trained as a mechanical draftsman and with various CAD and AutoCAD programs. I self taught myself SketchUp, while Blender and sculptris is an ongoing learning process.

I have more of a background in technical drawing, than freehand art which reflects in my art and comments.

Personal Projects
I am working on several story-line projects;
Sky Marshals -…
Premise: An old world airship survives to a post "apocolyptic" but recovering, world.
Although stalled frequently, I'm trying to re-energize myself to starting this... again. :XD:

I have two other stories that are so back burner-ed that I won't bother mentioning them.

For the past 7 years or so, I have been designing and making layouts for a real life functionally independent rural small town, which I named LaMancha. This is a pet project of mine and I am not looking for investors.

Interests and Personality:
I like older things typically from about the 1800's to the 1920's which can be said why I like the steampunk genre so much.
My focus on creating such concepts has been on the "functional" more than just for the "novelty" of it.
As a product of the 60's era, I have always had a keen interest in ecology and our interacting with the environment.

I am hardly pure and when I was young, every other word out of my mouth was some slur, epithet or another. It doesn't shock me when people use potty mouth, on the contrary I critically grade them. :evillaugh:

I wholly support people expressing negative comments regarding my art. Just make it something more than "This looks like :censored:"

I like helping people out, so I am not adverse to doing requests (better if it is commission work :XD: :nod: ). Please contact me by private message for further details in either regard.

Like many Americans from New York, I SPEAK a scattering of many different languages. Anything I TYPE or spell is courtesy of google translate.
American English language level NATIVE by LarrySFX French 3 by Faeth-design Irish Gaelic Language Level - Beginner by WingsUnchained Italian Language Level: Beginner by JMCV29 German: Beginner Level by SovietSparkleParty Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design Russian 3 by Faeth-design


Pepperoni and melted cheese by Mann-of-LaMancha
Pepperoni and melted cheese
Thoughts and the creative process:


I follow a couple of people, who of late, have been making 3D models of food.
Very tasty food.
Food you look at and think "that looks real enough to make me hungry."

Therefore, I am retaliating with a food stuff of my own! ha-HA! See how you like THEM apples!

Yeah, I know, the cheese looks kind of cheesy. :(


It also is part of my latest journal entry which speculates on "creative mistakes in digital vs traditional art." People who like to be bored stiff should check out my journal. :XD:

One very respectable personage actually ponied up to the topic. Unfortunately, I felt I wasn't explaining myself well enough with words, so I am defaulting to pictures to express myself.

Could you import a melted cheese covered pepperoni stick into a digital program and expect it to display creative mistakes like you would expect in real life?

I think not. You could import this very 3D image into a graphic program like photoshop, but the melted cheese wouldn't leave a smeared trail, and the pepperoni wouldn't leave little pieces of pepperoni and oils like you would expect in real life.

So this is a "two birds with one stone" piece of pepperoni... er... art!!

Okay, my retaliatory act seems to have backfired as I am now Jones-ing for a pepperoni pizza in the worst way. :(

Might I point out: Oh My Gosh it's such a pleasure working again with Podium. Fast renders, it uses my own textures and supports them effortlessly, fast renders, simplicity in use, and did I mention fast renders?
(if it wasn't that the largest size exportable is 500x500, I would never use kerkythea ever again!)


Digital Medium

modeled with:
SketchUp 7.1
Rendered with:
Podium 1.7.3
Gimp 2.8 (for textures)

Model time: about 1 hour
Test renders: 7 test renders amounting to about 2 minutes TOTAL
Render time: about 45 SECONDS!! (take THAT kerkythea!)

Textures are originals or adjusted textures from Google SketchUp.

pepperoni texture - tileable

pepperoni slice texture - non-tileable

Please feel free to critique.

pepperoni texture - tileable by Mann-of-LaMancha
pepperoni texture - tileable
Digitally rendered in Gimp 2.8.2

Layers used: 1

Colors used: 2

Brushes used: Galaxy, Big (I am hopeless that I use and re-use the same brushes over and over)

Other tools used: Burn, layer offset: 2by2 (this makes a texture tile-able)

Rendering time: 10 minutes

Free to use as long as it is non-commercial, and if you repost, then you must share alike.

It would be nice if you credit me as the original artist, and this is the credit like what you see on a film. Just post my name as the original artist, I am not talking about dA credits credit (they REALLY have to come up with a different name for that stuff!!).
pepperoni slice texture - non-tileable by Mann-of-LaMancha
pepperoni slice texture - non-tileable
Digitally rendered in Gimp 2.8.2

Layers used: 3

Colors used: 4

Brushes used:
  • Galaxy, big and small
  • Confetti
  • Brush 2
Radial motion blur used

Free to use as long as it is non-commercial, and if you repost, then you must share alike.

It would be nice if you credit me as the original artist, and this is the credit like what you see on a film. Just post my name as the original artist, I am not talking about dA credits credit (they REALLY have to come up with a different name for that stuff!!).
Just some boring speculative reasoning on my part.

I didn't start this thought, but I thought I would chew on it for a while and see what is what regarding the issue.

The person who first posed this conundrum was on some TV program on, I think, The Discovery Channel. What they said (more or less), was "In traditional art, you can have a mistake and through that mistake, create a new style, art form, etc. While in digital art, you don't have that possibility."

At first, I thought this was utter nonsense as I have made various mistakes while learning to use a digital program to create something and found new and different ways to present an idea. Unfortunately I think I have come to an understanding of what they meant.

To explain the premise; in traditional art, you can sneeze while you are painting/drawing/whatever and your hand will do something you didn't want to nor expect. Real life has undefined parameters with infinite possibilities. You could add some element to your paints that suddenly gives a hue, richness or pigment never seen before. It could be something that was intentional, but since no one had ever tried doing that before, you could not know what the outcome would be. You might suspect what it would be, but you don't KNOW what it would be. Thus; the creative mistake.

In digital art, no matter how creative the program might allow the user to create something, the program cannot create something "unexpected." While the user themself might not have expected the outcome, the software, or more correctly; the programmer who wrote it, in some way anticipated the program would be used in such a way. 

In brief, a program can't create something it wasn't programmed to create; therefore, there can't be any "creative mistakes."

For example, let's say you want to make a circle using a digital art program. The problem is, the software was not programmed to make a circle. "Aha!" you think "I will use a bunch of squares arranged in a circle, and thus create a circle with the program which nobody has ever thought of before, thus I will have made a "creative mistake!" That was how I thought.

Unfortunately, what you have to consider is that the programmer, in a sense, anticipated that sort of action, otherwise how could you do it? You can't use a new digital paint brush when the programmer didn't allow for new digital paint brushes to be added. You have a finite amount of options available when using the program, that, unless you are a hacker and made a change in the program to allow that new digital paint brush to be added, for example, you can't create something "new." Even in that situation, the hacker would have to create a new subroutine that told the program how to use the new parameter, and thus prevent you from creating something unexpected.

In a sense, does this mean that all digital art media is not original? That wasn't being posed by the guy on the Discovery Channel but just one of the infinite possibilities my mind goes in, creatively speaking. I'll have to chew over that thought some more before I find a satisfying answer...
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Drake by Mann-of-LaMancha
I made a quick sketch for the "perfect pet challenge," then realized it was for a specific program use ONLY.
:cue sad trombone:…

Yeah, it's been a while since I did a freehand sketch. My "skillz"  is slipping O.o

Sketch time: about 20 minutes

8-1/2" x 11" uncoated vellum bristol (sketchbook)

F lead

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